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SITE Southeast is part of a global professional organization dedicated to creating motivational experiences that produce business results within the meetings and incentive industry.

Incentive travel.
Business results.

Business leaders are constantly seeking creative ways to unlock human potential. One of the most powerful tools at their disposal is the motivational experience — including travel and events — which rewards a job well done and offers ways to grow and be more effective. Only one organization sits at the critical intersection between those who seek the benefits of these motivational tools, and those who can provide these extraordinary experiences. That organization is called SITE.

SITE makes possible the connection between motivational experiences and business results. It is the only global organization dedicated to linking professionals in the travel and motivational events industry with the business leaders who seek improved performance through these experiences. SITE has been defining this industry since the organization was formed four decades ago, as the Society of Incentive Travel Executives.

Formed in 2007, the Southeast USA chapter quickly grew in membership, relevant and engaging education and other social responsibilities and contributions to a global community.

Motivation Matters

Motivation Matters is an initiative to share valuable content, resources, ideas and research to grow awareness in the global community for the incentive travel industry. Our members are incentive travel professionals who know from experience that incentive travel works. It works to reward, retain and motivate employees!

As a first step SITE took a look at defining that which we strive to advance - incentive travel.

Incentive Travel

“Incentive travel is a self-funding marketing activity that employs unique travel experiences to reward people who achieve exceptional business performance.”


In each of the eight designated states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky):

  • Help build better incentive business practices for our members and our members’ organizations through the education and networking opportunities that SITE affords us.
  • Provide access to education and networking opportunities for incentive professionals in our region.
  • Promote the value of performance improvement strategies, and incentive travel as an effective means of performance enhancement.
  • Provide a forum throughout our region for the exchange of ideas and information.



  • Windsor Neal Crawford, Business Development, Cultivate Premium Gifts:
    Recipient of the prestigious David Riddell Scholarship, a SITE Global scholarship to attend the 2018 Global Forum in Rome, Italy awarded to someone that displays the enthusiasm for our industry and a financial need.

Windsor Crawford

“As a growing professional and future leader, I have had experiences like volunteering as President of SITE Southeast Young Leaders and co-leading a panel at the SITE Young Leader Conference in 2016. The David Riddell scholarship will enable me to further my SITE education and valuable relationships. It is a learning experience I would not have been able to do for myself due to the closure of my previous employer and my new employer’s present budget. Attending the SITE + MPI Global Forum provides me the opportunity to become better educated, make global connections, and be directed and shaped by SITE leaders worldwide. As my career continues to grow, like David Riddell, I aspire to be a mentor to other members of the SITE family and help guide them to become future leaders.”

Windsor Crawford


Each year SITE Southeast USA’s members take the time to recognize and applaud their fellow members by nominating them for the chapter’s Annual Awards. The awards for 2016 were presented to the winners at the Annual Summit in December and highlighted an extraordinary year of success and achievement!

The 2016 Annual Awards Winners were:

  • Sponsor of the Year: Jamaica Tourist Board

  • Volunteer of the Year: Debra Edwards – Exclusively Inclusive International, Inc.

  • Member of the Year: Kathi Kelly – KSL Resorts

  • Emerging Member of the Year: Ginny Izydore – Barnsley Resort

  • Young Leader of the Year: Windsor Neal Crawford – Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts

  • President’s Award: Traci Baxter - TENEO

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