President’s Message 2017

Debra Edwards - President, Exclusively Inclusive International (EII) and SITE Southeast President 2017

Debra Edwards

2017 has already proven to be an excellent year full of exciting events and business opportunities. I am so proud to be your President this year sharing ideas and creative conversations with the best Board of Directors and committee volunteers SITE Southeast has ever seen. Having been an active member since SITE Southeast’s inception, I have had the great privilege of watching this chapter grow and mature into a leader in the Hospitality Industry. I have served on the Board of Directors for the past 5 years and can say with great pride that this has been a true highlight of my career.

This year we have chosen to add some new events, change up our direction a bit, completely revamp our website, and hopefully stimulate your passion and commitment to this outstanding industry. I have never seen such dedicated professionals, all of whom are willing to serve and go above and beyond for SITE! I will never forget a conversation I had at the closing dinner and awards ceremony at the 2015 SITE SE Summit. A first time attendee said to me, “I meet folks from all of the major hospitality industry organizations, and they all say positive things about why they got involved. But the people I meet who belong to SITE don’t just talk about it, THEY GLOW!” That really stuck with me, and it captures exactly why we here at SITE Southeast are so passionate and engaged.

Come join us! Get re-engaged in your career. Tap into that passion you may have hidden inside you. Come enjoy all the benefits we provide and have fun at the same time. See you at the next event…

Sincerely Yours!

Debra Edwards
President, Exclusively Inclusive International (EII)
SITE Southeast President 2017

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